We have run several projects together in the past and Exafield has become my first and preferred choice when it comes to outsource a study in Italy. The key reason why I rely on Exafield is your extreme flexibility even on taking on requests of recruitment or analysis at short notice. This is of great importance for us, as we often deal with very demanding clients who expect a quick turn-around time with the deliveries of projects. I always feel like my projects are in safe hands when they are outsourced to you.
On a more personal note, it is certainly a pleasure to work with you, as you bring a friendly, human touch in the way you are liaising with me.
You’re a great team, do you know it ??? :-)
Both interviews today were completed successfully and on time and client commented they were good respondents.
I'd like to thank you again for all of your work and efforts with this project. As always, it was a great pleasure working with you and, above all, I appreciate your flexibility particularly when the hurricane happened and some interviews needed to be rescheduled. I know it was a difficult situation for all of us, but you made it easier by working with me and trying to accommodate our client's needs as much as it was possible under the circumstances.
Thank you for your team's flexibility and dedication to this project. The Italian team handled the project brilliantly from a project management perspective and provided daily updates on recruitment, interviewing, etc. While we are still examining the data and interviews themselves, a first read of the results is very promising and looks to be of high quality.
I never got the chance to properly say thanks for your great work for our Brazilian project before Christmas. I was very pleased with the transcripts and especially liked that your moderators often took initiative to clarify certain issues.
Thanks a lot for your great pro-reactive and open communication. We really appreciate to have such a flexible and experienced team on hand and looking forward for the next project!